Please call us at 315-853-3052 when you arrive for pick up, so that we can assign you a number.  When that number appears in the window,  you can grab your order.  Please remain in your car until your number is up. Order numbers are nonsequential.

If you are on foot, please adhere to social distancing measures so that all of our guests are comfortable picking up their orders. Many people are uneasy when several people are standing near the entrance.

We ask that you consider choosing an odd pick up time (as shown in the picture below). Too many orders at the same time are difficult to complete on time.  For example 4:50, 5:20, 5:40, 6:10, etc.

We thank you for your business! Be well.

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Please be sure to choose your pickup time in the “EDIT” section before checkout, otherwise your default time will be 3:30pm (or 30 minutes from when you ordered if ordering after 3pm).

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