Around here we take our seasons seriously and even though it feels wrong to pick a favorite, we really have a soft spot for Fall. We are able to overlook Fall’s shortcomings (shorter days, having to turn the heat on…) because we look so forward to the upcoming harvest.

As soon as the evenings begin to feel cool we start brainstorming of our Fall menu. How can we use our local cider and all those pumpkins and squash that will be showing up in our CSA basket and at the Clinton Farmer’s Market? How will we incorporate grapes, sweet potatoes, garlic and mushrooms into our menu in a way that will please the palette of our guests?

You will start to see Fall inspired specials as we “try out” our ideas on you. Let us know what you think. Oh, and we will be whipping up our Clinton Cider Mill donut bread pudding just as soon as they start making them!

(If you like to hold on to Summer as long as you can, don’t worry! We will continue to serve our Summer menu as long as the goods are available, usually mid-September).