Dinner Specials 11/26

SOUP:: Butternut Squash and Coconut Milk

APPETIZER:: Fried Smelt Caesar Salad with Mixed Greens, Sourdough Croutons and topped with a Soft Cooked Fried Egg 12

DINNER SPECIAL:: Seared Duck Breast with Bacon, Cider Brussel Sprouts, Sautéed Swiss Chard and Almond Rice 25

MARKET FISH:: Rainbow Trout 17

Dinner Specials 11/18

SOUP:: Shrimp, Clam and Lobster Bisque

APPETIZER:: Mustard Crusted Beef Carpaccio with Maple Boursin, Roasted Beets, Balsamic Figs and Smoked, Salted Pistachios 14

DINNER SPECIALS:: Seared Blue Marlin with a Parsnip Puree, Bok Choy and a Walnut Arugula Salad with a Maple, Miso and Tahini Dressing 22

Market Fish:: Snapper 22

Dinner Specials 11/17

SOUP:: Roasted Red Pepper and Cheddar
APPETIZER SPECIAL:: Pan Seared Beef Tenderloin Medallions with Pommes Mousseline, and a Red Wine Reduction. 14
ENTREE SPECIAL:: Grilled Salmon topped with Bleu Cheese served with Brown Sugar Whipped Sweet Potatoes, Cider Roasted Brussel Sprouts, and a Marsala Reduction. 23
MARKET FISH:: Red Snapper. 22

Dinner Specials 11/16

Tomato Basil Bisque

Smoked Salmon Ravioli, Cajun Shrimp, Cream Sauce, and Sautéed Spinach. 12.

Barrel Cut Beef Tenderloin with Bordelaise, Dauphinoise Potatoes, and Deep Fried Brussel Sprouts tossed in Brown Sugar. 33.

Market Fish:: Red Snapper. 21.

Dinner Specials 11/12

Soup:: Spicy Tomato and Spinach Cream

Appetizer:: Shrimp, Crab, Butternut Squash and Maple Boursin Crepe with a Lemon Thyme Cream 14

Entree:: Mulato Chili Braised Short Ribs with Bacon, Spinach, Quinoa and Broccolini 27

Market Fish:: Haddock 18