SOUP:: Potato & Smoked Gouda DINNER SPECIAL:: Chipotle Cocoa Rubbed Rib-eye Steak with a Caramelized Onion, Coffee Risotto & a Dark Chocolate Balsamic Syrup $26.95

10-27-12 DINNER

SOUP: Tomato & Artichoke STARTER: Cajun Grilled Octopus $12.95 DINNER SPECIAL: Grilled Ribeye Topped with Mediterranean Crab Salad & Whipped Potato $30.95

10-26-12 DINNER

SOUP: Shrimp & Crab Bisque STARTER: Cajun Grilled Octopus with Lemon Vinaigrette $12.95 DINNER SPECIAL: Butter Roasted Lobster Tail with Bleu Cheese & Shallot Cream, Whipped Potato & Gremolata Salad $35.95

Dinner Special

SOUP: Winter Squash Bisque DINNER SPECIAL: Mahi Mahi with coconut and butternut squash risotto topped with lemongrass spinach cream sauce $19.95